5th Grade Library Page

I'm so proud of how much the 5th graders accomplished in just a couple class periods. Two projects were given to them for their final classes and they completed both with great results.  First, we read the book Someday about a young girl with big dreams for her future but for now, things aren't quite as she dreams.  The 5th graders wrote about their own dreams for the future and where they are now.  Many of these were displayed on the bulletin board near the library.

Their final project was to create a "READ" poster much like you see celebrities on Readpromoting the importance of reading but we took it one step further.  Students had their picture taken with their favorite book.  They then found a book review of that book on the site Goodreads.com and learned how to create a QR code that would link to that review.  The students then put all of these things together to create their READ poster complete with their picture and a QR code that could be scanned. Many of these will be featured on a bulletin board when we return to school.

April daniel
In April, the 5th grade students were able to complete their Glogster assignments and presented them in class.  They did such a great job putting their projects together as well as presenting them to their classmates.  They are able to log on to Glogster from home...ask your 5th grader to share their glog with you!


Students in 5th grade continued to work on their autobiographical Glogster assignment this month.  They have learned so much about how to use this program, not just in creating their glogs but in how to interact/ respond to feedback from me and how to receive and post their assignments.  They are becoming quite tech savvy!

February Bio Glog
Fifth graders have begun working on a Glog assignment using Glogster.  They are creating a Glog about themselves but have given specific criteria that must be included in their Glog.  They will be giving autobiographical information in their Glogs but must include elements they learned how to create such as text boxes, images, titles and more.  

GlogsterStudents in fifth grade were introduced to Google classroom in January and then began learning about a fun new program called Glogster. Glogster is a presentation program that allows students to create what looks to be a poster on their computer screen. These posters can contain text boxes, clip art, images, video and audio clips. Students have just begun step-by-step instruction on how to create their own Glog from scratch and add all of the different elements to it.  Once they learn the basics of Glogster, they will be ready for an assignment.

In December the fifth graders were re-introduced to acrostic poems.  They wrote one in the standard way they were familiar with where they used their name then came up with words to describe themselves that began with each of the letters in their name.  The following week I shared an acrostic ABC poem book with them and they saw how an acrostic can become one, continuous flowing poem.  After reading the book, they began to re-work their original acrostics.

Students in 5th grade spent their two class periods finishing up and sharing their Found Poems and they also attended the book fair.


5th graders had an introduction to poetry learning all about found poems.  A found poem is written from words and sentences that are "found" in other places.  You can simply take words that already exist in other ways and put them together to create your poem or look around you and write a poem based on the words you see.  Have a cereal box staring at you on the breakfast table that's covered with different words and things?  Take those words, change them around and turn them into a found poem.  Students got inspiration for their poems from empty boxes, magazines, song lyrics, library books and many other places.  


Students in fifth grade have library classes every other week and we try to make the most of the time we have together fitting in as much learning and as many projects as possible.  They year started off with reading the book Miss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind. I like to use this book with 5th grade as they tend to become too busy for reading or less interested in reading at this age.  This story lets students know that they don't have to be reading tons of books but that there is something out there for everyone and eventually they are going to find the perfect book (or books) that interests them...my job is to help them do just that.

Fifth graders were introduced to the 2015 Nutmeg Nominated books and also had a review of Destiny and Destiny Quest.