BCS on Community Voice Channel

During the 2012-2013 school year, the 2nd grade classes at BCS worked with Mrs. Vesci too create educational videos similar to the style of Reading Rainbow.  They continue to air on the Community Voice Channel.  Below is the schedule for upcoming episodes.

Education Channel 95

Read to Find Out: Cats

December 3rd: 10:00pm

December 12th: 11:00am

December 23rd: 2:30pm

December 30th: 9:00pm


Read to Find Out: Endangered Animals

December 5th: 10:30am

December 15th: 5:00pm

December 19th: 9:30pm

December 24th: 1:00pm


Read to Find Out: Nocturnal Animals

December 2nd: 10:00am

December 13th: 1:30pm

December 17th: 10:00pm

December 30th: 1:00pm


Read to Find Out: Space

December 3rd: 4:30pm

December 16th: 6:00pm

December 19th: 1:30pm

December 26th: 11:00am