Kindergarten Library Page

May/June Feel Good
Kindergarten students started their author/illustrator study of Todd Parr.  They listened to several of his books and studied the way he illustrates them.  Students noted that Todd Parr's illustrations are simple and brightly colored.  Characters and things can be crazy and not the correct colors that we would expect.  Characters have crazy colored skin and hair and mismatched shoes and none of the backgrounds are white, they are all in bold colors. Students also noted that the text of his books follows a simple format and is the same throughout.  After reading each story, students "continued" the story by contributing their own sentences that would fit in to the book.  "Doing good in school feels good.  Tying my own shoe feels good. Learning something new feels good."  As a conclusion to this unit, all students used the computer program "Paint" to create their own illustration in the style of Todd Parr and write their own "Feels Good" sentence for it.  The pictures were put together into a PowerPoint presentation for the students to watch like an eBook.

During the month of April we worked on a unit where we explored different emotions and how different things, including the clothes we wear, can make us feel differently. We read the books Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day, Ella Sarah Gets Dressed  and Naked!  Ask your kindergartner how these three books tied together and what they had to do with emotions.  Throughout this unit the students did different activities to tie in to each story we read and they did a great job talking about their emotions and how different things made them feel.  We focused on observational skills, listening skills, speaking skills and writing skills.  Students even created a fun flip book based on the book Naked! â€‹where they dressed the character from the book in a favorite outfit and wrote about how he would feel wearing those clothes.  Example:  I feel ___________ wearing my _________shirt and my _____________ pants.  

Kindergarten students continued to explore the computer program "Paint" to better prepare them for a project they will be doing at the end of the school year.  They also listened to a variety of stories that they did different activities for including Lily's Purple Plastic Purse and The Pigeon Needs a Bath.  Be sure to ask them to show you their projects and talk about them if they haven't already.

udents began learning how to use the program "Paint" in the library computer lab.  They will be using this program later in the year to create a project to go along with an author/illustrator study they will be doing.


abcWith holidays and snow days, January has gotten off to a slow start! The kindergarten students took pictures for their alphabet books and should be completing the books in early February.  

The students completed a fun project based on the book The Pigeon Needs a Bath by Mo Willems.  These can be found hanging up in the library over the next few weeks.  

Kindergarten students are also learning how to use shelf markers so they can select books from more areas of the library and help keep the shelves in order.


We finished up 2014 looking at a few more alphabet books to prepare to create our own. Students brainstormed a list of items for each letter of the alphabet that we will use in our pictures that we take for our books.  Kindergartners also heard some holiday stories and got to go to the book fair!

During the month of November, kindergarten students were exposed to several different ABC books.  We compared/contrasted many of them and talked about how most had no characters or setting.  Later in the month we shared a Thanksgiving story that had a crazy set of characters and the students learned that characters can be things such as a hat, gloves, shoes and more!


Throughout the month of October the kindergarten students have been focusing on story elements including characters and setting. As we read stories, they are able to identify the characters and the setting and complete worksheets about these as well.  Students have also been learning about the different parts of the book including the front cover, back cover, spine, and title and such terms as author and illustrator.



Students in Kindergarten have been learning all about the library!  They have learned about good library manners, how to treat their library books, and how to check out and return their books.

When teaching any of these skills I always like to tie in a story for the students.  Some of the stories we have read have included Manners With a Library Book, and We’re Going on a Book Hunt.  

Also during September we focused on story sequencing and retelling stories in order.  Students did a fantastic job sequencing favorite stories such as If You Give a Mouse a CookieIf You Give a Pig a Pancake and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.